शनि मंत्र Shani Mantra in Hindi Lyrics

By | June 4, 2020

Shani Mantra Read Shree Shani Dev mantra in Hindi Lyrics here.Read these Mantra for Shani Deva and Download it.Lord Shani dev mantra can be proven very effective in your life as if you chant these Mantra properly with your full love and devotion to the Lord Shani Deva.Read these Mantra down below.

Shani Mantra In Hindi Lyrics

Here down below we have given you all the Mantra for Shani Deva that you can read in Hindi and english lyrics. You can chant these Mantra for 108 Times in a day.Read them down below.Click here to download the Pdf Mntra in hindin and english.

Shani Mantra in Hindi

Lord Shani Dev Mantra Download in Hindi & English PDF

If you want to download the Pdf for the Mantra of Shani Dev then you can download these mantra in Hindi and English from here-Click here to download Pdf

Lord Shani Mantra Significance

While listening to the Lord shani’s name everyone is getting full of fear, as they thought that he give only punishment to the people but they actually do not know that he also gives reward to the people’s work. As he is known for the god of Justice.And, according to the Hindu Mythology, he is the God who is responsible for giving the Reward and Punishment to the people according their work ( Karm) as punishment for the Bad work or people and reward for the Good work or good people in their present life.So, that they could make themselves correct and good being.

And, like as other by worshiping Lord Shani , he will be happy from our worship and helps us to save from various miss happening or accidents and provides his protection.And, if you having any kind Shani Horoscope defects then it can be corrected by worshiping Lord shani and you can also chant these mantra as in his worship along with Shani chalisa and Shani Aarti or you can also visit to Lord Shani Dev’s Temple and worship him with our full love and devotion towards him.

And, if you think that you have unwillingly did some kind of sins then you can also confess these sins in front of Lord Shani and ask for the Apology by worshiping him regularly.And, he will surely apologize you by seeing yours feeling for your sin and your love n devotion towards him.Or if you think that you are always been unlucky or always been facing problems problems in your life and you think that this could be because of any unknown or unwillingly sin done by you, which you probably don’t know so then in such condition you can also pray Lord Shani as to get rid of your problems.

And, Shani Mantra could be helpful in the situation when you having Shani Zodiac defect,if you came to know that you being surrounded by all such then chanting Shani Mantra or Chalisa and worshiping lord Shani deva could helps you to correct yours zodiac defects and helps you to live better life.

Benefits of Chanting Shri Shani Dev Mantra in Our Life

Down below we have given you some of the benefits for chanting Shani Mantra regularly in brief:

  • By chanting the Shani Mantra for regularly it helps us to minimize the diverse affect of our previous deed or karm that we have done willingly or unwillingly but now we apologize for all that.
  • It can helps you to correct yours Saturn (Shani) Zodiac defects.If you have find that you have any Saturn Zodiac defect then you can make them correct by chanting these mantra.
  • These Mantra can helps you to feel quite motivated and confidential if you think you are being feeling depressed dejected, and demotivated due to any reason then these Mntras could helps you to get ours morale back.
  • Shani Mantra are known for getting the wisdom, patience, and justice in life and helps you to goals achieve goals in your life.
  • By chanting these Shani Mantra helps you to get Blessings from the Lord Shani and being with you all the time as from being happy from yours love and devotion.


So, in this post friends you have read the Different Mantras for Lord Shani that you can chant to worship him and you also have downloaded Shani Mantra.And,here you also have read about the Shani Deva’s actual Powers for what he is being God as a God of Justice who gives rewards and punishment to people according their Karm in their life.And, you also have read the benefits of chanting these Mantra in your life how these mantra can enhance your life.So, in the end i would like to say that i think you may guys like this article and got actually what you want.

Thank You.

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