Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in Hindi{ शिव तांडव स्तोत्रम् }

By | May 28, 2020

Read Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in hindi and also download shiv tandav stotram in hindi lyrics Pdf, Mp3 & video.And, also read that what is the actual mean of it.How is it originates? A complete story about it.Here firstly you can read the lyrics and then you can download Shiv Tandav Stotram.And, just after that you can read all the information about it which we have describe above.So, firstly read the Stotram:

Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics in Hindi

Reda the lyrics for the stotra down below.And, if you only want to download it in the Pdf. Then you can also download it from here –Click here to Download the Pdf.

Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics
Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics
Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics
Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics

Shiv Tandav Stotram Pdf Download in Hindi

Above you have red the holly Shiv Tandava stotra Lyrics.I hope you feeling quite well after reading this.And, if you also want to download it and wanna save it in your device then you can download it from the given link:

Click Here to download Shiv Tandav Stotram Pdf.

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What is shiv tandav stotra?

It is basically Stotra means a Hindu Hymn which describes the Lord Shiva’s Powers and the Beauty.About Lord Shiva’s Looks.If you wants to know that how Lord Shiva looks like then you must have read this.And, Basically it attributed to The King of Lanka Ravana who is a devotee Of Lord Shiva.

As if we come to its literal meaning so this word Tandav is originated from the word ‘Tandul’ which means ‘to jump’ And tandav is describes as a Dance which is performed with a great power,energy and strength.And, it is performed by the men mostly.And, it is known that Tandav Stotra is firstly Sings by the Lankapati Ravan, as when he tried to cross the Kailash Mountain.Full story we have given down below that you also can read.

How Shiv Tandav Stotra originates? A complete story about it.

The story for Shiv Tandav Stotram begins when Ravana started to think he is invincible.When is got ego with his power that no body can defeat him.Then, one day when he was crossing the Mountain Kailash he saw the Mountain and he just wanna make it to climb the Kailash Mountain but even a millions of attempts he unable to climb it to the peak of mountain.

And, then he suddenly see the Nandi( Bull) and he asked him that why he is unable climb the mountain to the peak.And then Nandi replied that it is the Place of the Lord shiva on which he and his wife live.And, no any powerful man can climb it.And, after listening this he feel it as his insult & got angry.

And, then he tries to to Uproot the Mountain which leads to shake the whole mountain.When mata Parwati realise it, then she complaints it to the Lord Shiva.And, when Lord Shiva saw it then he wants to teach a lesson to the Ravana.Then, Lord increase the weight of Mount kailash by putting his toe, which tends Ravan to unable to handle the Mountain and it crashed on him.And his hand stuck beneath the mountain, then he groaned with pain and realise that he is always being all of above.No one can beat him.

And, by realising Lord Shiva’s powers he plucked out his intestine and started a tone and sing a song or prayer for the Lord Shiva which describes Lord Shiva’s Power and Beauty.And, after seeing this all Lord Shiva got happy from his devotion and gave him blessings.And this is whole story about Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics how it is originates.And, how it is attributes to Ravana.

Benefits of Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics

Shiv Tandav Stotram is one of these very powerful and very blessed stotaa of Lord Shiva and it has said that this stotra has the power to heal any sort of problem that you are facing in your life. Shiv Tandav Stotram is immensely powerful Stotram of Lord Shiv and it is said that if you have committed some sort of mistake in your life if you have done something very wrong in your life and for which there is no forgiveness.

Then you should start reciting shiva tandava Stotra regularly and it has said that a person who do that Lord Shiva get a piece from that person and he forgive his sins as well and this is what the power of Shiva Tandava stotra.

The story of this stotram is once upon a time Ravan tried to pick up mount kailash on his shoulders and when he tried to do that Lord Shiva pressed the low of Mount Kailash from his thumb and Ravan’s hand was got stuck in that mountain as a result he was unable to move and he was in immense pain during that time Ravan created this stotra and appeased Lord Shiva not only Shiva’s forgive Ravan for his sin but Lord Shiva blessed Ravan and this is what the power of this behind stotra is.

Shiv Tandav is very powerful and if by any chance knowingly or unknowingly you have committed something very wrong in your life and you are repenting for that if I have not done this thing things will be better in my life then start reciting shift and of stotra and it will help you tremendously Shiv Tandava Stotra is so powerful that if you are having some sort of any legal issues in your life if you are having some sort of financial issues in your life this a regular recitation of this stotram healing all such issues not only that if you are reciting stotram every evening,

I repeat if you are reciting this stotra every evening then then also it is said that, that place is also blessed by Maha Lakshmi and that person never face any shortfall of abundance in his life all his needs regarding wealth are fulfilled by Goddess Lakshmi and this is what the essence reciting shiv tandav stotram is.

It helps you in coming out of many troublesome situations many troubles troubling situations and not only that if you are feeling completely helpless and you are feeling that there is no hope left in your life or no hope left in your job profession or in any other field then try this it is said that this this total is so near to lord Shiva and that he, himself come and protect his devotee and this is what the essence of this stotra is this is a very short and very divine stotra.

And if you recite it regularly which hardly takes four to five minutes recited regularly with full faith and devotion towards Lord Shiva Lord Shiva will create wonders in your life.- Source Wiki


So, Here above in this article you guys have read the Maha Shiv Tandav Stotram Lyrics and also download the Pdf for it.And also read the Story behind it how it originates? Along with all this you read the important facts and how it is powerful and beneficial. And, I think you may guys like this article and actually got what you want from here.Don’t forget to watch the videos for it guven below.

Thank You.

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