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By | May 27, 2020

Read Shree Ganesh Vandana in Hindi Lyrics as well as in English Lyrics.And, also download it in pdf, MP3,and Video.Today in this article we are going to provide you all this.We praise Lord Ganesha in Many ways by chanting and performing his aarti, going to temple,chanting Ganesh chalisa,etc. Like as all these Ganesh Vandana is one of the most method of praising God Ganesha and which really helps a lot to us .And, as he is worshiped before anyone before starting anything. And, it is always suggested to chant Vandana for Shri Ganesha to make your day good.

Shree Ganesh Vandana Lyrics in Hindi

In Ganesh Vandana you chant any of the aarti or Devotional Song’s Lyrics which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha as in order to make your work inaugurated or execute to prevent any miss happening in it.Read here Ganesha vandna:

Ganesh Vandana गणेश वंदना

Ganesh Vandana Lyrics Download in Hindi

Here above guys you have read shree ganesh vandana and if you want to download it so you can download it easily from the given link.Download it in Hindi English with meaning.

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Why Lord Ganesha is Worshiped before Anyone?

As we all knows there is no work which aren’t staring from Ganesh’s Vandana. As before any good good work, business,activity,etc. is started by saying Shree Ganesha or Ganesh vandana.As Lord Ganesha having an elephant’s head and no body think as elephant does.When an elephant walk then it clear his path with his key trunk as it suggests that in yours path not even an ant sized problem can be there.As it means that even a minor problem can cause you to be failure.

And, we always have to focus on our major as well as minor problems because even minor problem later on can cause your intelligence and mind suffer.As elephant got a big head and whenever he is in big problem it tends him to solve it with his mind easily.And, it gave us a lesson that when ever you do a work so firstly think it all like as elephant every steps and step forward in such a manner that it won’t leads you to bring you back.

Lord Ganesha’s Story – A different one:

As according to the Shiv Mahapurann the idea to create Ganesha is given by her two friends known as Jay & Vijaya. Because her friends said that everyone in this place Obeys Lord Shiva and you must a create a one who obeys or listen to you.And, after thinking over this fact she creates Lord Ganesha from her body scum.And, according to Brahmvaivrat Puran Mata Parwanti did a fast known as Punyaka for acquiring a child, and because of this she acquire Lord ganesha.

And, according to this puran when all the gods giving blessing to Lord Ganesha then Lord Shani deva putting his head downwards then Maa Parwati twll him to see at Lord ganesha and then he replied that it could affect badly on Lord ganesha and he Obeys mata Parwati and look on shree Ganesha and due to this Ganesha’s head is saparated from his body.And, then Lord Vishnu get a head of Elephant baby who’s mother sleeping putting her back to her baby at a rivers bank.And, then Lord Vishnu joined the elephant’s head on the Ganesha’s Body.

And this all is just because of the Lord Shiva’s sin as when he was angry then he he attacked on Surya Dev with his weapon (Trishul) and by seeing it Lord Surya dev’s father gave a curse to Lord shiva that his son’s head will be cut down.And, shree Ganesha is also known as Gajmukh which means a person facing eight directions as he haning all the information about all the things all the time.And that’s why having having a big elephant’s head to protect you from any miss happening in yours work we always remeber him first and worship him firstly.


So here in this article you guys have read out shree ganesh vandana I may hope that you all guys satisfies from the content given here and you like this post and got actually what you want.And one more thing i want to say that ganesh vandana doesn’t mean as what i have given have but in ganesh vandna you can read or chant any aarti for devotional song for Shree ganesha in his Vandana.Like as we have given you here in videos:

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