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By | May 21, 2020

Shiv aarti In hindi Lyrics: Bholenath ki aarti-Here in this article we have given you the Lyrics for Shiv aarti and Shiv aarti Pdf in Hindi to download and save the aarti in your phone or computer very easily.So that you can easily chant it very it is good time to worship Lord Shiva.In this post firstly you can read the shiv aarti Lyrics and then you can download the Pdf easily.

Shiv Aarti in Hindi Lyrics

Read the Aarti down below but if you want to download the Pdf Only then you can also download it from this link or also download after reading the aarti –Click Here to download Pdf.

Shiv aarti-Bholenath ki aarti


Shiv aarti-Bholenath ki aarti

Shiv Aarti Pdf DownloadBholenath Ki aarti Download

I hope you all have read the aarti lyrics which given above.And, now if you wanna Download tthe Pdf for shiv aarti then you can easily download it from this link.

Click Here to Download Shiv Aarti Pdf.

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Best Way to Chant Shiv Aarti

Being a devotee of Lord Shiva as in India there are the most of Hindu people are the devotee of Lord shiva who worship him and love him.And, everyone devotee should have chant aarti as in order to worship him.Most of the people does it but not in majority.If I say then everyone should have chant the aarti at least on Monday; as it is the day known for Shiv (Bholenath).And, if you really love him then you can chant it on regular basis as you can worship Lord Shiva in yours Home on worship place.As in everyone’s home there is a worship place.And, while incensing you can chant the aarti for its better benefits.

  • You should have take bath before the aarti or at least wash up yours hands, feet, and face properly if have taken bath earlier.
  • And, you can add some sweets or sugar as a prasad which you can offer to the idol or picture of lord shiva,and then serve it to the other family member.
  • Try to cover yours head. And while chanting the aarti you can use the worship bell.
  • And, just try to put a gave filled with Deshi Ghee in the worship plate.
  • Chant the aarti with yours all devotion and love to the Lord Shiva.And, I am sure by seeing yours love towards him Lord shiva will surely hail you up shortly.
  • And, Try to visit the temple on Monday even in the morning time or the evening time and pour the Milk water on the shivling. And, worship lord shiva by chanting aarti or chalisa.

Lord Shiva- Bhagwan Bholenath Ki aarti

Shiv Bholenath is the one of the main principal Deity of Hindu Gods.He is known by many names in India like Shiv Shankar, Shiv Shambhu,Mahadev, and so on.And, everybody know about his powers and strength.He is also known as the Destroyer within the trimurti.Trimurti ( Brahma Vishnu Mahesh or Shiva).And, he is Supreme god along with the Vishnu and Brahma, who creates protect and transform this universe.It is believed that he is still live on the Kailash Mountain the mountain on which nobody is able to reach the peak.

About Shivling :

In Hinduism shifting is a symbol that represents Lord Shiva as the most powerful deity temples are built in his honor including a shivling which represents all the energies in the world and beyond there is no origin of form that can be associated with Shiva humans need a symbol to the Ling was created linked means simple for example is someone used a stethoscope it could identify that person is a doctor a link is just a symbol to identify something this symbol we call Shivling has a scientific explanation.

Shivling consists of three parts the bottom that has four sides remains underground the middle part that has eight sites remains on a pedestal the top which is actually worshiped is round the height of the round part is 1/3 of its circumference the three parts symbolise Lord Bramha in the lower part Lord Vishnu in the middle and Lord Shiva in the upper part the pedestal is provided with a passage to drain the water that poured on the top link of symbolises the creative and destructive power of Lord Shiva and the devotee attribute great holiness to him this does not mean that others should give a false meaning to the image of Shivling.

Worship as it is described that Lord Shiva has no form it is ridiculous to claim that Lingam represents a phallus that is why Swami Vivekananda described Shivling as a symbol of eternal Brahman Hinduism does not oppose science it doesn’t even oppose other religions is a continuous effort to discover and increase human knowledge of the physical or material world through experiments and observations but Hinduism has the strength to provide missiles to certain problems that science has not been able to solve shivling represents the entire cosmos.

Conclusion | Bholenath ki aarti |

So here in this post you get know about the deep knowledge of Lord Shiv & Shivling and you also have read and downloaded the Shiv aarti Lyrics in hindi.And, I hope that you like the information given on this post.So, don’t forget to share the aarti lyrics with yours friends and family so that they can also chant it in the quarntine period.If you want more about the topic then you can comment below you question and we will surely rely you soon.Jai bholenath ki aarti.

Thank You. Om Namah Shivay..

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