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By | May 20, 2020

Shree Durga Aarti in Hindi Lyrics read and Download Durga aarti Pdf in Hindi Language.As if you are a devotee of Maa Durga then you must chant the maa aarti at least once in a day. And, from this website you can read and also download the Aarti. Here firstly we have provided you the Durga Aarti Lyrics in Hindi and after reading that you can download the pdf for the aarti very easily.So, Firstly let’s read the aarti with me.

Shree Durga Aarti in Hindi Lyrics

As to the down below we have given you the lyrics for the Aarti & if you wanna download the Pdf for Durga chalisa only then you can easily download it from here-Click here to download Pdf.

Durga Aarti in Hindi Lyrics
Durga Aarti in Hindi Lyrics

Durga Aarti Pdf Download

If you have read the Lyrics for the Aarti and now you wanna download the pdf for it then you can download it very easily from the given below link:

Click here to Download Pdf.

About Shree Durga Chalisa

Shree Durga Aarti is dedicated to Goddess Durga Maa and who is identified as Adi Parashakti. She is known for the Popular and Principal Hindu Goddess. Maa Durga is also known by names like as Devi, Shakti and Jagdamba. And, we perform the aarti for maa durga as a worship for her from her devotees with Love and devotion.You may have seen in Temple where the Shree Durga idols are situated there is always aarti is performed for maa durga along with other god/ goddess.

According to the Hindu Mythology she is the Principal or amin goddes of Shakt Sampraday ( Sakta sect) as who is actually compared with the Param Brahma. She is the goddess who is known for the protector of Humanity from the Darkness and she eliminates the demonic evil power in the nature.

She rides on a Lion as and she having 8 arms and every arm is equipped by a different weapon which represents her different powers.And, as acc. to Hindu Granth she also has killed a very powerful and scary asura named as Mahisasur ( Asur like Buffalo) and she is describes as a wife or Shiva.And, according to Hindu Deity History she is known for killing the demons, asurs and evils. And, one most important thing here name was named as Durga when she killed a Asur named as Durgam ( Durga the slayer of Durgam).

And, If we tell you one most important thing about Maa Durga she never been defeat by any enemy as also her name meaning as as who never defeat or pass. So, from thus you may be able to know the powers of Maa durga.

Benefits of Chanting Durga aarti :

Chanting the aarti is very beneficial especially during the navratri its significance is much more when you take meal after worshiping the goddess.Read some brief benefits of it:

  • Chanting the aarti daily helps you to increase your love and devotion towards Maa Durga.And maa helps them to never come sorrow and poverty to them.
  • It helps you to keep away from the negative energies like black magic,evil spirits,etc.As maa creates a protection shield around you.
  • It helps you to put your mind on the right path which helps you to eliminate bad habits.
  • And, if we worship Maa Durga with our full love and devotion, then it may helps us to get free from the cycle of Life and death.
  • It helps you make yours mind full with peace and calm.And, chanting it regularly helps you to reduce workload stress, depression ,etc.


In this post you get to know about the Maa Durga with a deep info about her and her brief history also you have get to know about her powers.And, you have read/ chant the Durga Aarti in hindi and also you have Downloaded the Pdf for it. And also read the different benefits that we can have by chanting it regularly while worshiping Maa Durga.So, I may expect you all have enjoy the today’s topic and you got actually what you want from this article.

And, if you want to add some of yours points to the article then you can freely comment down below & we will edit the article soon.And, don’t forget to check out the video for the aarti given in the last.

Thank you.

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Check out the Video for the Aarti to Listen it now :

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