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By | May 18, 2020

Shani aarti- Today we have come with Topic related to Lord Shani Dev. Here In this post we are going to provide you Shree Shani Aarti in Hindi Lyrics and also The Shani Aarti Pdf in Hindi to Download.Down below firstly we have given you the Lyrics for aarti and then you can download the Pdf for the aarti very easily from this website.So, check all this down below.Shani aarti- Aarti Shani Dev Ki in Hindi Lyrics read and also download Shani aarti Aarti Pdf in Hindi.

Shani Aarti in Hindi Lyrics | Aarti Shani Dev Ki |

Down below we have provided you the lyrics for aarti and then you can download the Pdf.If you want to Pdf Only Then- Click Here to Download PDF.

Shani Aarti- Aarti SHani Dev ki

Shani Aarti Pdf Download

Above you guys have read the Lyrics for the Aarti. And, If you want to download the Aarti. Then you can easily download it freely from the given link below.And, you can use it when it is time to chant the aarti from yours Phone easily.Download it now:

Click Here to Download Pdf.

When to Chant the Aarti :

As aarti is mostly performed twice a day; once in the morning time and then in the evening time.But if you can’t perform it twice you can just chant it once a day either in morning or in the evening. But it is preferred to chant it twice a day as above. Like as you have seen in temples aarti is performed everyday two times, or people also do aarti in their homes also twice a day. Its all depends on you on yours love and devotion to the Gods.

In the Morning time you can chant it when sun rises of after sun rises before 8:00 AM is known for the best time.

In the evening time you can chant it after sun goes down before 8:00 PM is known for the best time.

What is Shani Aarti ?

Shani aarti is Hindu devotional Worship to Lord Shani Dev by chanting the aarti we worship the Lord Shani dev with our full love and devotion to make him happy from our reverence and prayer.We perform aarti to remember the presence of him with us and to start and and end our activities.As you may have seen in India aarti is performed twice in a day like as same we can perform shani dev aarti twice a day in morning and in evening time.

Lord Shani is the son of God Sun ( Surya Deva) and Goddess Shadow ( Chhaya Devi). He is generally depicted in the dark complexion and having the black costumes which he used to wear that we can see in images and on Idols.And he used to fly on a crow; as his “Vaahan“. Lord Shani and his mother are the huge devotee of Lord shiva. And he makes him God of Justice that’s why he gives rewards and punishment to the people according to their activities or karm. And Black is known for his color and that you may have seen on every temple and on his idol which is fully painted by the block color.

And he is offered with sweets and Oil.Like as you may have seen people go to Shani Temple to pour Oil on his Idol and to make themselves away from any rashi dosh.

Conclusion | Aarti Shani Dev Ki |

So, In this article friends you have seen and read Shree Shani Aarti. And, also downloaded the Pdf file for the aarti as to chant it when required.And, I may hope you guys like our work and you satisfies with content over this website. As If I say you must learn the aarti as soon as you can as it will helps you to chant it properly.And, it will helps you to maintain the flow or rhythem while chanting it.

And, as from my experience you can easily learn it in within two days as if you chant it twice a day.Or if you want to learn it right now so you can easily learn it within minutes.

Thank You.

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