Ganesh Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Read And Download

By | May 17, 2020

Ganesh Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics- Today in this article we are going to provide you Shree Ganesh Chalisa in hindi Lyrics that you can read/ chant here and also download the Pdf file of it very easily from this article.Firstly we have given you the Lyrics for shree Ganesh Chalisa and there after reading that you can download the Ganesh Chalisa Pdf in Hindi.So, Firstly read out the Chalisa with me.

Ganesh Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics

From down below you can read the Ganesh Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics and after that you can download the pdf or you can also download the Pdf from here- Click Here to Download the Pdf.

Ganesh Chalisa
Ganesh Chalisa
Ganesh Chalisa in Hindi

Ganesh Chalisa Hindi Pdf Download

If you wan to download the Chalisa Pdf that you can easily download it from the link given Below.If you do not know how to download the Pdf from this site then you can read the steps to download it

Click here to Download Pdf.

What is Ganesh Chalisa ?

Shree Ganesh Chalisa is a Hindu Devotional Lyrics (hymn or stotra) which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It contains Forty Chaupai and Dohas in the starting and in the last. It known as chalisa because it is basically consist of the Forty lines as if we exclude the Dohas. Reciting chalisa in very popular among the Hindus in India especially in the Maharashtra zones.And in every Ganesha Temple it is recited by Hindu Priest and Lord Ganesha Devotees. And, many of the people recite it daily to as to make lord Ganesha Happy by their Love and devotion.

Shree Ganesha- Lord Ganesha is known by many names but commonly he is known by Ganesha , Vinayaka, & Ganapati. He is the son of Maa Parvati & Lord Shiva. And, it is believed that he is created by his mother Parvati from her Body scum. But once when she was having a bath she ordered Ganesha to not to come inside, then suddenly lord shiva come there and but ganesha resist him to enter the home , then in an angry mood he cut Lord Ganesha’s neck.And, when Maa Parvati sees all this she told Lord shiva to bring him back and then he Joined a calf’s head on Ganesha. And this is why he having a Elephant’s head.

Benefits Of Chanting Ganesh Chalisa Hindi/ English

As there are a lot of benefits that we can have by chanting the chalisa and that can be only experienced by a person on his/ her own but there some benefits that anyone can have :

  • Remove Obstacles- Chanting the Ganesh Chalisa regularly helps you to remove all the obstacles in yours path which resist you to attain your goal.
  • Wealth and Fame- It helps you to earn all wealth and fame in the society.Along with this if you have lost yours wealth and fame in society chanting it regularly helps to earn it again.
  • Defeat Enemies- If you are surrounded by your enemies and you find no solution to defeat them and if you chant the chalisa properly, it helps you to get rid of such a situation.
  • Fulfilling yours wishes and desires- If you chant the chalisa with yours full love and devotion on regular basis it helps you to make yours dreams come true as it is believed.
  • Eliminate hurdles in business- If you are facing problems in yours business, your business success is full of hurdles then you must, try to chant the chalisa on regular basis it surely helps you to eliminate all the hurdles in yours business and make your business run smoothly.
  • Rise from a long illness- If you getting into trap by a illness and you are getting nothing from its cure, you still getting into the illness then , i think you must chant to the ganesh chalisa to rise from this long illness.
  • Helpful in Restarting a business- If you are going to restart a business or wants to expand your business so in order to make it successful you should started to chant it, as it is believed that it helps to make it successful if you worship lord Ganesha with your full love and the devotion.
  • It also helps you to make wealthy and chanting it properly helps you to earn money and make it on consistently.
  • For acquiring children- Yes the most important benefit of it is this that if you thinking to have children but always you get nothing then you should chant it on regular basis.

Conclusion | Ganesh Chalisa in Hindi |

So today in this article you have checked Shree Ganesh Chalisa and also downloaded the Pdf for it.Along with this you also read benefits by chanting it on regular basis and how to chant it properly to get its benefits. So, I hope you all have like this and you guys are satisfies with our content. And, if you wants to get regular updates fro this site then you can subscribe to our newsletter.And, if still you have any query or you wants to add some points to it then you can freely comment below and we respond you soon.

And in the Last we also have given a video for the chalisa.So, don’t forget to check it, because if you are new so it will helps you for exact pronunciation.

Thank you.

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