Shani Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Read and Pdf Download

By | May 15, 2020

Shree Shani Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics read and also download Shani Chalisa Pdf in Hindi Lyrics here.Here we have given you Firstly the Shani Chalisa Lyrics and thereafter you can download the Pdf for the chalisa very easily.And you can also read the benefits of chanting the Shani Chalisa regularly.So, lets read it out with me.

Shani Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Read & Download

Down below we have provided the Hindi Lyrics for Shani Chalisa. If want to Download the Shani Chalisa Pdf then You can download it after reading it or you can also download it from here – Click Here to Download.

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Shani Chalisa In Hindi Lyrics Pdf Download

Have you read the chalisa and you want to download it. So then you can download it freely from the given link very easily and it in your Mobile and Pc to chant when its time to chant the Chalisa.

Click Here to Download Pdf.

How To Download The Shani Chalisa Pdf?

If you are a new person on Internet or on our site and you just do not know that how to download the Pdf from here or you are getting problem while downloading it. Then you just don’t worry just read and follow the steps to download the Pdf that we have given down Below:

  • Firstly click on the downloading link that is given above.
  • Then, it will leads you to the Downloading menu. From where you can see the Pdf and see the chalisa is written there in the Pdf.
  • Then, in order to download it you just have to click on the Download Button ( which is shown on the Top Right corner of the site on second place).
  • After that yours Chalisa will be saved in to yours saved location.
  • And, if you want to print it Directly then you just have to click on the Print Button which is given right to the downloading button or you also press Ctrl+P from yours Computer.

What Is Shani Chalisa? About Lord Shani Deva?

Shree Shani Chalisa is a Hindu Devotional Lyrics & which is dedicated to Lord Shani Deva.And according to Hindu Mythology Lord Shani is the son Of the Sun ( Surya Deva ) & Goddess Shade ( Goddess Chhaya) And known for the giver of the work. Shani Chalisa is written as for worshipping the lord Shani. It contains of 40 verses or we can say that of 40 lines.And is Known for the Saturn Planet. By chanting the Shanee chalisa a person can make lord Shani happy from ourself and if he is fault of saturn, can be corrected.

Shani also developed devotion to Lord Shiva as he is being Blessed by Lord Shiva when he is in the Womb of his mother Chhaya Devi as She is the devotee of Lord Shiva.His mother was a that’s much loving devotee of lord Shiva that once when Lord Shani was Hungry and food is cooked by his mother and he forced his mother to give him food but her mother resist to give him food unless she worship the lord Shiva but Shani Dev goes angry and kicked his mother.And, just because of this sin he become lame from his one leg.

And Lord Shani started to worship Lord Shiva and because of his please Lord Shiva make him the God of Justice as to rewards and Punishments to the People’s actions.

Benefits Of chanting Shani Chalisa

As you may know there is a lots of benefits of chanting the chalisa and here we have given some of the benefits that yoPurity in thoughtu can have by chanting the Shani Chalisa regularly in yours life.

By chanting the Chalisa Regularly you can rid off all the troubles and conflicts in yours life.

Lord Shani protects you from any kind of harm to you by his blessings.

Purity in Thoughts- It helps you to pure your so called thoughts by making yours mind calm and helps you to distinguish between right and wrong, if you chant the chalisa regularly.

By chanting the chalisa regularly it helps you to get rid of all the obstacles in yours life and also help you to get free from all the pains & suffering in your life and makes you able to live beautiful life.

If you having a fault of Saturn (Shani Dosh) then it can be corrected by chantingg the chalisa on regular basis.

So above we have given some sort of the benefits of chanting the chalisa regularly. And, there are a lots of benefits that you can have experiencing in the actual life.And, If you guys have watched the Serial “Mahima Shani Dev Ki” on TV then you must have known about the Powers and work of Lord Shani Deva. And what they can do for us according to our works.


So in this post you all have checked, read and also downloaded the Shani Chalisa in Hindi along with its Pdf. And, I hope you guys like this Post and satisfies with the content shared on this post and site.And, you also get together with the benefits that can be availed in our life by chanting the Chalisa Regularly.And if you wants to add some points to then you can comment down below and we will add it ASAP.

Thank You.

Checkout Video for Shani Chalisa As to know the Pronunciation of the Lyrics

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