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By | May 2, 2020

Ganesh Aarti- Shree Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti Hindi Lyrics and Download Pdf: Hey guuys so in this article we are come back the the new devotional Hindu religion topic of Aarti for Ganesh – Ganesh Aarti in Hindi Lyrics that you can chant or read from down below and also download the Ganesh Aarti Hindi Pdf in just one click.Here firstly you can check the Lyrics and then you can download the Pdf for Ganesh Aarti in Hindi.And also we have also given you

Ganesh Aarti In Hindi Lyrics Read Here & Download Pdf

Down below you can chant or read the lyrics and if you want to copy it or download the Pdf for it then- Click here to Download Pdf.

Ganesh Aarti Shree Ganesh ji ki aarti

Ganesh Aarti Pdf Download In Hindi

From the link down below you can download the Pdf for Ganesh Aarti very easily.Below we have given the aarti lyrics pdf in Hindi Language for downloading in English you can check another Pdf.

Click here to Download Ganesh Aarti Pdf

So , above you read and downloaded the Ganesh aarti Lyrics. We have also given some facts and best way to chant it.Don’t forget to read it.All info is given down below.

What is Ganesh Aarti or Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti ?

Shree Ganesh Aarti is dedicated to Lord Ganesha By his devotees.And, it is often chanted in Shiv Temple or Ganesha Temple everyday in morning and evening in order to Worship God Ganesha.And, Hindu People also do Ganesha Aarti regularly in their Homes and especially on Festivals dedicated to God Ganesha Like Ganesh Chathurthi, etc.And Ganesha Vandana is always done where a work is going to execute or start so that it will accomplished properly.

God Ganesh Important Facts and Info | Ganesh Aarti Hindi Lyrics |

Lord Ganesha is known for the one of the most loved Hindu Gods and every Hindu Known about them very much.He is also the Son Son of Lord Shiva & Maa Parvati. Lord Ganesha is known by many names like Ganpati ,Vinayaka ,Kapila,Ek Danta,Vigneshwara ,Sumukha, Lambkarna,Gajanana.And every names is known for its different meaning and showing different characteristics of Lord Ganesha.

In India especially in Maharashtra Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with a great Grandeur.On this festival Lord Ganesha is worshiped with Full love and devotion Huge Idols of Ganesha is used to worship and he aarti is done twice a day in morning and evening and everyday Sweets Like Laddoo or Modaks are plating to Him everyday and after that sweets are distributed to his devotees as prashad( Propitiatory).

Best Way to Chant Ganesh Aati Lyrics in Hindi

You can use the following given tips to chant Ganesha Aarti Properly and get its benefits:

  • Firstly try to clean your body by having a bath or you can wash up yours Face,Hands and feet in order to be pure from yours body.
  • Putt a Ganesh Idol or picture in front of you if you don’t have such things you can imagine Lord Ganesha in your Mind while chanting the aarti, But it is better to get an idol and put it in your worship place.
  • And, try to have a puja plate with a gave in it. And move this plate around the Ganesha Idol while chanting aarti,And try to put Deshi Ghee in gave or you can use Mustard Oil.
  • Have a good posture and started to Chant aarti while sitting or standing in front of idol.If you a new one then you can use Paper or Pdf to read it but it is better to learn it as it helps you to concentrate on the Aarti.
  • And if you are new person who started to chant aarti or you are thinking to do so please firstly checkout to exact pronunciation for aarti as we can not speak out wrong words for the aarti.
  • And, after chanting the aarti offer Sweets or Prashad to Idol and after that you can distribute the prashad. And, it is not necessary to put prasad in your plate everyday you can put it once in a wee like as on Monday or when you visit to Temple. And in the process all is matter is yours ove and devotion towards Lord Ganesha.
  • And,never ever let the aarti incomplete whenever you start it let it finish always.And, I am sure by seeing yours love and devotion lord Ganesh will surely fulfill your all wishes.
Conclusion | Shree Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti |

So, Here above guys you have read or chant Shree Ganesh Aarti in Hindi Lyrics and also you have downloaded the Pdf for it.So I hope you guys like this post and get sufficient info from this article.In the End we have also given a Youtube video for Ganesh Aarti in Hindi that you can surely check out it, if are a new person who started to chant the aarti and wants to make it continue and wants to get the benefits from it as it helps you to pronounce the each for the aarti correctly which is really a important thing while chanting any aarti or chalisa.

So, In the end I just only wants to say Keep Worshiping God Ganesha with yours full love and devotion and he will surely fulfill your all wishes shortly.

Thank You.

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