Shiv Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Read & Pdf Download

By | April 19, 2020

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Read & Download-Today in this article we have given you Shiv Chalisa Lyrics with Pdf, video,Mp3 audio to read and download in yours device and save it.Hey friends How are you? Hope you are doing well.So, if you are looking for all such stuff so you are on the right place.Here we have firstly given the Shiv Chalisa Lyrics In Hindi after reading that you can download the pdf for Shiv Chalisa in just a one click very easily.- Downoad Pdf Click Here

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Read / Download

Read Shiv Chalisa down below and if you want to download the pdf then click here.But firsty Read The Chalisa in Hindi with me from here-

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi
Shiv Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics
Shiv Chalisa in Hindi

Shiv Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics Pdf Download

If you wants to download the Pdf file for Chalisa then you can download and copy the lyrics from following link.Click here to Download Pdf.

Do not how to download the Pdf or you are facing problem while downloading the pdf file from our site.So, don’t worry just follow these steps If you have a little knowledge of internet then you can even easily download it without checking to these steps.If you are a newbee so check the following steps-

  1. Firstly for going to the downloading panel click on the above downloading link.
  2. Then, it will redirect to the downloading panel.
  3. On downloading panel you can see a download symbol or png image.
  4. Just click on the download symbol.
  5. And yours pdf file will be automatically started to download (Ensure that you have given the permissions to yours browser like storage, etc.).
  6. And ,Finally yours Pdf file will be successfully saved in yours device.
  7. Now you can use it for chanting and sharing it with yours family and friends.

In the end we have also given the Video for chalisa in order to know about the exact pronunciation of every word.

About Shiv Chalisa Hindi Lyrics

Shiv Chalisa is a devotional stotra which is addressed to lord Shiva and like hanuman chalisa it is also consist of 40 verses ( 40 chaupaai) in simple words words we can say that it consist of 40 lines including the Doha. Shree Chalisa is recited by Lord Shiva Devotees everyday by millions of people. And other people also read it on on the festivals addressed to Lord Shiva Like Shivratri ,etc. Reciting it everyday is also known beneficial in human life.

As according to the Hindu Puraan (PRIMEVAL) it is known that the whole world is being created by the three Lords named as Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). And together they called as Tridev. So from here, as you know it dedicated to lord Shiv you can have a little idea about the power of Shiv Chalisa. Any Person can recite it.It helps to give a path to get Moksh, as it makes the Moksh Maarg easy.And, that’s why the devotee who worship Lord Shiva with their full devotion never have the fear of death & such people have come over from their death many times.

And, the Namah Shivaay Mantra is also originated from Shiv Chalisa. If you wants to Make Lord Shiva Happy from yours worship to fullfill yours wishes and get over yours problems then you must have started to chant the Chalisa. And go to the Shiva temple regularly ( if Possible to visit temple ) and ensure to have a Picture and statue of Lord Shiv in yours Home and chant the chalisa in front of it.Now lets have some light on the benefits of Shiv Chalisa.

Benefits of Chanting Shiv Chalisa Lyrics

We have provided some of the benefits of chanting the Chalisa dedicated to lord Shiva down below-( Shiv Chalisa in Hindi)

  • Helpful to a Pregnant Lady- It is believed that If a pregnant lady chant Shiv Chalisa on regular basis, then it helps to save her child from any threat during pregnancy period by protecting her fetus , and also helps in safer delivery.
  • Helpful for a Kids suffering from diseases- If there is any kids who are suffering any harmful disease or the disease is not getting cured by medicines,then by reciting or listening the Chalisa to such a child it helps to make kid save from the disease and helps the body to recover fast. Parents can also chant the chalisa on their child’s behalf in front of the child.
  • Makes you strong and fearless- The shiv chalisa is so powerful that it is like a miracle to the humans who chant it properly with full devotion.It helps to eliminate yours fears and gives to inner strength to be a strong person.
  • Get rid of Bad Habits- It helps you to get rid of the bad habits like Smoking, drug addiction, Alchoholic, Tabbacoo,etc. If you or yours any known addicted to any of the bad habits then you can suggest him/her to listen or recite Shree Shiv Chalisa, it helps him/her to gt rid of such a bad things.
  • Helpful for marital relationship- It is not only helpful to find a good person for marriage but also helps to make their relationship strong, and also helps to resolve the various relationship problems. If you are person who is facing such a problem then you must started to chant it.
  • Its helps to protect from early death- Chanting the chalisa regularly reduce the fear of early death, and a devotee to live his life till the old age.
  • Protection Against Negative Powers- If you are thinking are being moving around the negative powers, like back magic,evil spirits, Bad luck, Past karma, etc. then you must try to chant the chalisa and it will surely helps you to protect against all such negative powers.
  • Get rid of Tension, Stress, Depression,etc.- Chanting shiv chalisa helps a person to make his mind calm make it ful with peace and which ultimately helps the person to get rid of tensions,etc. ( Shiv Chalisa In Hindi )
  • Helpful in attaining Family Peace- If in yours home there lots of conflicts, confusions or some kind of family fights occurs then by chanting shiv chalisa is helps to make a peace in yours home.

So, above are just a some of the benefits of Shiv Chalisa, Chanting chalisa regularly will make you avail unlimited benefits. And all that can be experienced by Chanting it in real life Shiv chalisa in Hindi.

Best way to Chant Shiv Chalisa

As like as Hanuman Chalisa in Shiv Chalisa there is no all such a strict rules & regulation to chant it.But there some common rules that must be followed.Your position must be a good, try to put yours backbone straight. Always have good thoughts in yours mind.never think anybody’s bad.Chant the Shiv chalisa In Hindi with full devotion and true love towards Mahadev.

Every one should have known to the meaning of chalisa and must known to the exact pronunciation of it, And it is better to learn it for a having a flow while chanting it.

Chalisa can be read by any age group people or by any men or women, even it is also good for the kinds and students as it is helpful for keep their mind on their study.

And the best thing about shiv chalisa is this that it does not requires any kind of preparation.You needed only few minutes from yours day to chant the chalisa with yours full devotion to Lord Mahadev.

If Best time to read shiv chalisa is in the Early morning which is known for the Brahma Muhurta (4:00 – 5:00 am).But you can also chant it on evening and night time or before sleep.


So here above guys you have checked read and also download the pdf of Shiv Chalisa Hindi Lyrics and you have also read out the benefits tht we can have in our life by chanting it regularly along with the best way to chant it.I hope you got a lot of new information from here.And I hope you do like article so much.And if you have any query or any suggestion related to the topic then you can comment down and also contact us.Keep chanting shiv chalisa in Hindi or in yours regional language. Keep loving lord Mahadev (Shiva).

Thank You.

Check Out the Video for Exact Pronunciation of Chalisa

Source: youtube- T-series Bhakti Sagar

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