Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics Pdf Read & Download

By | April 12, 2020

Read Shree Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics In Hindi and also download pdf in Hindi Language written here. In This article we have given you Best way to read Hanuman Chalisa along with its benefits.Here we have firstly given you shree Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics then after that you can check and download the its Pdf to save chalisa in yours Pc, Mobile or Tablet.Or If you want to download the Pdf Ony then you can just Click on the following given link.

Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics Download-Click Here

Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics Read Here

Hey,Guys below we have given Hanuman chalisa in Hindi with lyrics.If you want to copy it then click here or copy it from the Pdf from where you can easily copy it even without downloading it actually.And you can easily copy it completely.So,Come on lets read it out with me.

Hanuman Chalisa Hindi
Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics
Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics
Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi Lyrics

Jai Shree Hanuman – Jai Shree Ram.

Shree Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Pdf Download

From the given link below you can download Chalisa In Hindi Language – Click Here to Download Pdf

If You find any problem while downloading Chalisa so then Please follow these steps or if still you facing any kind or problem then you can surely contact us or comment below.Just check out these steps:

1.Firstly Click On the above downloading Link.

2.Wait, It will redirect you to the downloading Page.

3.On Downloading Panel you can check a Pdf form of Chalisa.

4.And, On the top right side of page you can see a download Symbol. Just click On it.

5.And then yours download will be automatically started.

Then finally you will have the chalisa pdf saved in yours Mobile PC or tablet.

Also Check Hanuman Chalisa Images,Pictures Wallpaper In HD

Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Video Down below we also have given you the video for Chalisa that also can watch for the exact pronunciation and the you will also have a flow in which you have to chant the chalisa.Check out the video ( The video is from Youtube ) –

Hanuman Chalisa Hindi

Shree Hnauman Chalisa is Belongs to Lord Shree Hanuman Ji In Hindu Religion. Chalisa is the combination of forty verses ( Chaupai )includingMasculine Dohas. Here let me tell you the meaning of Chaupai ; it is the Hindi word which means Poetry The four-volume metrical verse, which has sixteen-sixteen volumes in each phase. In simple words hanuman Chalisa is a combination of 40 Lines denoted to shree Hanuman and all having different meaning.

Shree Hanuman is a Devotee of Shree Ram, as you all may knew it & also known as the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Best Way to read Shree Hanuman Chalisa

Are you have started to read chalisa or are you thinking to read chalisa on daily basis & do not know know how to read it out in order to have its benefits in our life or to get rid of yours difficulties.So don’t worry we have given here best way to read chalisa so to make yours worship completely accomplished.However there are so any kind of strict rules or regulations to chant Hanuman Challisa but still there are some common rules which should be followed in order to make yours worship accomplished completely.Check out the way down below-

Firstly, be aware that the place on which you are going to sit and chant chalisa must be clean if not so make it clean.

You should have a bath before chanting it.Or at least wash up hands face & feet but always tries to have a bath once in a day.

Be sure when you are chanting it yours backbone should be straight.

Put yours full concentration, focus and yours mind on yours worshiping the lord Hanuman by chanting chalisa.

All time chant chalisa with a proper pronunciation of each word.And it is better to learn chalisa instead of reading it by a paper.As it helps to maintain a flow.

Try to Chant it in the peaceful place.And must try to visit Lord Shree Hanuman Temple at least twice a month on Tuesday.

Avoid any kind of Alchohol or Meat especially on Tuesday.

And keep chanting chalisa Lord Hanuman Makes yours Wishes fullfill shortly from yours love towards Lord Hanuman.

And, It is very beneficial to chant chalisa before bed, as it helps you to eliminate yours evil dreams or nightmares. Or you can also chant it at the Morning or evening time. All you need is a calm mind & pure heart with love.- Hanuman Chalisa in Hindi

Benefits of Chanting Hanuman Chalisa Regularly

Makes you Fearless- If you think you are a person full of fear or a coward one, then you should try to chant it.And this will surely helps you to get rid of yours fear.

Protection from Negative Powers- If you chanting it regularly then no negative power can cross you.It helps you to keep the negative powers away from you.

Makes you calm- If you think you are a person full of anger then i suggests you to chant the chalisa on regular basis to make yours anger calm down forever.

Focus towards study and work- Chanting the chalisa helps you to stay focused towards yours so called and study,Especially for students it is said to chant it so to get focused towards their goals.

Saves you from Injuries- One of the most important benefit of it is this that it avoids a lots of Injuries or accidents that could happen with you and can harm you.

Removes any kind of Obstacles in Yours path-It provides us a kind of security against any kind of obstacles in our path or goal and makes us focused towards the goal. And, if you get into a confusing situation, read Chalisa in order to keep yours mind calm and it helps to get rid of such a situations.

Makes yours Journey happy- If you are going on any kind of journey must read it before leaving yours home.It helps you to save from any kind of accidents or miss happenings.

These are some of the brief introduction to the benefits and values of hanuman chalisa in our life but there are alots of benefits that can availed by chanting the chalisa regularly.- Hanuman Chalisa Hindi

Who Wrote Hanuman Chalisa ?

Chalisa was written by a famous Poet named as Tulsidas in 16th century in his own language known as Awadhi Language. And, Later on it is being translated to different languages.But it bascally written in Awadhi Language.The Poet Tulsidas become known due to the one of his Poem Ramcharitmanas which was also writtn in Awadhi language.The full name for Shree Tulsidas is Goswami Tulsidas.

One more most amazing thing about Hanuman Chalisa is this that it is being Chant by a millions of Devotees everyday Including Indian and foreigners. However most of the devotees are from India Only.But still in foreign their are also a lots of Devotees of lord Hanuman Ji.And they also chant the chalisa on regular basis.


So, here in this article you have read out hanuman chalisa In Hindi Language.And also check and downloaded the Pdf For it.Along with Best way to chant it; its rules, & how it is beneficial to us in our daily life.Hope you guys satisfy with this article if you not, so please let us check yours doubts and queries in the comment section.

For suggestions and consultants you can also contact us via contact us page and we will reply you ASAP.And, Keep chanting Chalisa Keep Remembering Shree Hanuman and lord will surely make yours work done.

Thank You.

Check out the video in which English people singing Hanuman Chalisa In Hindi. Which Shows worldwide Devotee of Shree hanuman.


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